iES, or integral ES, stands for integral Ecosystem Services. Ecosystem Services have been externalized from human valuation systems and operations, and this had led to their degradation and loss through the cumulative actions of human (and mostly business) actors in the global commons. Ecosystem Services is a new field, related to Ecological Economics, both with rapidly changing definitions and theory. The iES blog is an attempt to keep up with the latest, while also seeking to break it down and interpret more technical or scientific matters so that anyone can understand. Since I also work full time, I run this off the corner of my desk so, posts are sometimes few and far between these days.

This blog is about addressing basic questions:

  1. What are ES?
  2. Why  they important?
  3. Who is working in this field?
  4. How can ES best be implemented?
  5. When can/should ES be implemented?

The intent of the blog is to present, probe and ponder Ecosystem Services from the theory to data to practical application, to my own personal ponderings on the topic.


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